Energy Efficiency

Insulate your buildings, alleviate our CO2 emissions

Morten Rudfred
Morten Rudfred
November 1, 2018

Garnering a reputation for containing heat and making homes comfortable, stone wool insulation has more to offer us than what meets the eye.

The impact of energy efficiency

Everybody wants to be energy efficient, especially companies that want to convey their desire to make an impact on the environment. Acting on this desire is possible since, as a society, we all have the answers and tools available to make an impact.

What we’re faced with now is a world that is choking. A world that wants to breathe but needs our help to improve quality of life and wellness. That is where building insulation can play a big role.

When you think of building insulation, you probably think of winter and how homes should be insulated - so their owners and tenants can stay warm in the cold weather. But did you know that building insulation can also help buildings keep cool in hot climates? 

For those who didn’t know, you should understand that there are many functions for insulation in buildings of all kinds.

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Potential energy consumption reduction

Proper insulation may reduce energy consumption by up to 70%

Potential life expectancy increase

Increased use of insulation in buildings in the European Union (EU) alone could lead to an annual gain of 70,000 life years

Benefits of proper insulation

For instance, proper insulation in a building may reduce energy consumption by up to 70% and cuts down on costs for both heating and cooling. Who wouldn’t want to insulate their home after hearing that? Especially since you get to give back to the environment and improve living in the face of climate change.

Right now, we’re faced with the task of keeping the temperature increase of global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees Celsius (based on the recently published Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report) before the planet begins its global shift by the year 2030. Using insulation would help you meet this request – as well as enhance your ability to save energy and money.

The challenges behind a rehabilitation of any building cause people to shy away – especially when they are looking at the monumental effort it would take to accomplish such a change. This is the moment where people need to reconsider the interest of cost and look at the long term advantages.

Recent findings show that the increased use of insulation within buildings in the European Union (EU) alone could lead to an annual gain of 70,000 life years. This also diminishes sickness in the individuals that inhabit or work in these buildings and lowers child health risks.


Our commitment

To date, the benefits of what insulation can do for homes, businesses and buildings are not clear to everyone. It really has the potential to help improve the world as we know it.

Living up to our end of the bargain requires education and action on the subject at hand. We can change our lives by incorporating insulation into our dwellings, and we can consume less energy as a result. With climate change looming, it is time for us to step up and change. Don’t be afraid to make this commitment to yourself and your community.


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