At the ROCKWOOL Group, we are committed to act sustainable, responsible and transparent. We are a participant of the United Nations Global Compact and support for the Global Compact with an ongoing commitment to the initiative, its principles and action platforms. This commitment means continuously evolving our governance, policies, training and stakeholder dialogue.

Responsible business: driving sustainable and responsible performance

Driving sustainability performance

We established a Group sustainability function and steering committee in 2016. Further steps to ensure that business decisions reflect our sustainability commitments include an investment process aligned with our sustainability goals. In early 2017 the Board of Directors decided to increase the focus on sustainability and consequently asked the Audit Committee to include monitoring of the Group’s sustainability performance as a part of the Committee’s area of responsibility.

Sustainable sourcing

Our Supplier Code of Conduct is designed to explain our expectations to our suppliers in detail and is available in 12 languages. ROCKWOOL Group expects suppliers to comply with all international, national and local laws and guidelines relating to employment, environmental and manufacturing practices as well as ethics and bribery, particularly in relation to purchasing. ROCKWOOL Group also expects suppliers to enforce these guidelines towards their suppliers. All new suppliers are required to agree with our Supplier Code of Conduct as a pre-requisite to be qualified as a supplier to ROCKWOOL Group. Exceptions occur in the case of ad-hoc vendors for indirect materials and services 

Human Rights

We oppose any kind of discrimination due to age, gender, race, colour, religion, political opinion, social origin, or any other human rights aspects. Any incident of discrimination must be reported to Management. Another right we take seriously is the right to exercise freedom of association and collective bargaining. We are opposed to child labour and do not use forced or compulsory labour or knowingly engage with business partners that do so. We continuously work to implement these policies into the way we do business, for instance in collaboration with our suppliers.


The ROCKWOOL Group recognises that corruption is a potential risk in business and is dedicated to responding to this risk as comprehensively and systematically as possible.

In 2017, the Group’s Integrity Committee introduced a new Code of Conduct. At the same time, the Code of Conduct serves as a compass in guiding individuals and the organisation to achieve our long-term business goals. As part of the onboarding process in the Group, new employees participate in an introduction course, which includes training in business ethics. 

The Group’s Integrity Committee consists of the CEO, CFO, a senior member of Group Management and the Group General Counsel. It oversees the Group’s compliance within areas such as business ethics, competition law, anti-bribery, data privacy and export control. It takes a zero-tolerance stance on corruption in any form, as outlined in our Code of Conduct, while at the same time offering a timely and consistent response to all issues raised through our anonymous whistleblower system.

Engaging our people

The Group’s whistleblower policy encourages employees, suppliers, distributors and customers to expose any corrupt practices or misconduct with their anonymity protected. The Audit Committee is informed about all integrity cases and we communicate broadly about these to create awareness of unethical behaviour in the Group and to underline our zero-tolerance policy. 

Read more about our approach to driving sustainable and responsible performance in the ROCKWOOL Group Annual Report.

Michael Zarin, Vice President, Group Communications

Michael Zarin

Vice President, Group Communications, Denmark