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France Sail Grand Prix , SailGP, 2021, Saint-Tropez, Denmark
By Deborah Kelly Spillane

A holiday for the beach | How the beaches of Saint Tropez re-energise off-season

Every summer, the rich and famous flock to stunning Pampelonne beach to relax, recuperate and be seen in the hip beach bars that Saint Tropez is renowned for. But what if the beach bars disappeared at the season’s end? Could this give the beach itself a much-needed holiday from the holiday makers?

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Green Homes, Energy Efficiency
By Oliver Rapf
Energy Efficiency
Climate Change

Not quite nearly zero-energy buildings: Why the EU-27 must strengthen and rigorously implement nZEB standards

Strengthened national nZEB standards and rigorous implementation are a key ingredient to achieving Europe’s wider climate goals for 2030 and 2050, as well as increased comfort and well-being for occupants and long-term security for investors.

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SVP GMC Mirella Vitale

Mirella Vitale

Mirella Vitale, Italian, born 12 December 1970. Senior Vice President, Group Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs since 2016

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