Car Park - Typical application for soffit slab

Effective insulation plays an important role in making urban car parks more energy-efficient and less disruptive to their surroundings.

To save space in cities and towns, car parks are now commonly designed to sit below residential and commercial buildings, which means the properties above can be susceptible to heat loss through the floor – as well as noise from the vehicles below.

This is especially true when you consider that car parks are constructed to deal with large volumes of traffic in wide open spaces.

ROCKWOOL’s car park ceiling solutions – including stone wool below concrete soffit insulation – are designed to offer the utmost protection in terms of fire safety, thermal efficiency and acoustic performance. Read on to learn more.

Why do we need car park ceiling insulation?

Car parks tend to be especially noisy built-up spaces. This makes it essential to protect both the properties above – and surrounding public spaces – from the sound of high traffic levels throughout the day. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported that excessive traffic noise can have a detrimental impact on people’s health1.

Other major considerations include fire safety. The chances of a fire spreading through the car park and into the properties above can be significantly reduced using effective insulation that’s fireproofed to the highest standard.

Without proper insulation in the car park’s ceiling, the buildings above are also susceptible to energy loss through the floor.

Calculator and savings

When you’ve found the ideal ROCKWOOL insulation product for the job, you’ll need to figure out how much of it you’ll need.

Product thickness should be based on local requirements for fire, thermal or acoustic performance. Consult your local market calculators and pages for more information.

Like any other space that is in contact with the outside environment, but especially given their ‘sunless’ position, underground car parks can be a particularly cold place. Insulating this area therefore provides good thermal performance to the upper rooms, keeping energy bills down.

It also helps protect your property and its surroundings – thereby increasing the potential value of the area.

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Car park ceiling insulation is of great importance both in new builds and in renovation. Our products help protect the property and its surroundings.

Roger Peeters

ROCKWOOL Group Product Manager

Sustainability and energy efficiency

By installing ROCKWOOL insulation, you can have a direct impact on energy consumption. Utilising our products will benefit the properties situated above the car park by reducing the amount of heat lost through the floor – and therefore the amount of energy required to heat them.

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Financial support

Contact your local offices for more information on potential grants or tax relief, which may be available to reduce costs on your project.

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