Shareholder portal instructions

On the shareholder portal, you are able to see investor information about ROCKWOOL A/S, exercise your shareholder rights in relation to general meetings and from time to time see a webcast of a general meeting in progress.

Log on to the shareholder portal

Use your Danish MitID (digital login - read more on the MitID website)

Or enter your VP account number and your personal password.

If the password has not been changed previously, you can find it in the invitation to the annual general meeting. The invitation is sent during the month of March to those shareholders, who have registered that they wish to receive it either electronically or by letter.

From the shareholder portal entry page, it is possible to request a login or a password reset.

To view your shareholding click on “Share register” in the top frame; go to "Holdings".

We recommend you to check whether your shares are registered in your name at the Danish Securities Centre (VP Securities). You are only entitled to vote at a general meeting if your shares are registered by name.

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