Part of our governance systems and reporting is related to remuneration. The general meeting approves the remuneration policy. The current remuneration policy was approved at the Annual General Meeting on 10 April 2024.

Prepared and adopted by the Board of Directors of ROCKWOOL A/S:

  • This Remuneration Policy for the Board of Directors and Registered Directors of ROCKWOOL A/S.

Remuneration of the Board of Directors

Under article 15.f of the Articles of Association, the general meeting determines the annual remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors for the period until the next ordinary general meeting.

The following remuneration for 2024/2025 was approved at the Annual General Meeting on 10 April 2024:

Chairman DKK 1,320,000
Deputy Chairmen DKK 880,000
Other members DKK 440,000
Supplement for Audit Committee Chairperson DKK 363,000
Supplement for Audit Committee members DKK 220,000
Supplement for Remuneration and Nomination Committee members DKK 110,000

See also the remuneration under the description of each Board member. 

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