What are you insulating?

Our choice of building materials matters
The many strengths of stone wool


Fire resilience

Withstand temperatures above 1000°C.

In land-scarce urban areas, more and more people are working and making their homes in high-rise buildings. These structures can be brilliant solutions to the challenge of safely housing a growing population.


Thermal properties

Save energy by maintaining optimum indoor temperature and climate.

It makes living and working conditions more healthy and comfortable, helping people to thrive, especially in urban environments. Temperature maintenance can dramatically reduce heating, cooling, and ventilation costs, and reduce a building’s carbon footprint.



Reusable and recyclable materials.

Rock is one of the most abundant raw materials on the planet, but we still need to make better use of our planet’s resources. We have developed our technology in a way that allows us to use waste from other industries as alternative raw material.



ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation can last for at least 65 years with no need for maintenance, and is unaffected by weather, humidity and temperature changes.


Moisture repellence

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation repels water and resists moisture, helping to protect the long-term health of buildings and the people inside them.

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