Our Philosophy

At ROCKWOOL Core Solutions, everything is connected by our simple philosophy: The Power of &.

Collaboration is key to delivering the best possible results. Which is why we go far beyond just supplying you – our industrial partners and OEMs – with customised stone wool insulation.

Yes, you can harness the 7 Strengths of Stone, engineered into your products to ensure they meet the required fire protection, acoustic absorption and/or energy efficiency capabilities.

You can also be sure we will engineer custom solutions with close tolerance and dimensional fit that meets your exact needs.

But it’s our partnership approach that’s the bedrock of our philosophy.   

January 1, 1
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- Discover The Power of & -
The ‘&’ may simply mean ‘and’, but for ROCKWOOL Core Solutions, it represents everything we stand for.

Bernard Plancade

ROCKWOOL Core Solutions
Managing Director


& Partnership

We value your partnership and favour a close consultative approach.

Our business is all about working with you, listening and sharing, and becoming an extension of your team to find better answers to your questions. This is how we achieve better results together.


& Added value

As your partner, we add value

As your partner, we add value by bringing you all the benefits of our extensive external network, a strong international footprint, and a 360° perspective on how to make our partnership successful. We provide operational excellence, reliability and just-in-time delivery to meet your needs today and tomorrow.


& Sustainability

By working with us, your solutions will have sustainability built-in.

This enables you to take on the increasing demands of a circular economy, meet and exceed green standards, and create a positive impact on our planet.


& Innovation

As close partners, we can forge a strong relationship, and be entirely open-minded to new possibilities.

Together, we can shape innovative solutions by leveraging our technical and design expertise to create high-performing solutions that enrich modern living.


& Support

We believe in the value of knowledge

We believe in the value of knowledge, working together to seamlessly provide training and education on the benefits of stone wool and sustainability. To help our partners build tomorrow – today – we provide comprehensive support services, product certifications and testing.