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Release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living
By 2030, there will be 41 megacities around the globe


Customer value

The customer is central to everything that we do. Our ambition is to always deliver high quality products, systems and services when and where needed by the customer.

By utilising Net Promotor Score (NPS) as a common tool, we are able to continuously respond to customer feedback and establish a continuous dialogue with our stakeholders. Through formal and informal channels, we welcome feedback and ensure that we have a shared understanding of what is most valuable to their business so that both parties obtain the desired benefits. Thus we increased our NPS by 4 to 32 in 2016. A seamless access to both our products and our technical services is essential and we will invest time and effort in improving our global digital platforms and presence.


Profitable growth

Our main goal is to be the leading supplier of stone wool solutions in all our key markets.

In order to maintain and develop this leadership position and pursue profitable growth we have established the organisational structure that can support our vision. We will continue to grow our core insulation business while we explore opportunities for expansion in our systems segments. In order to ensure sustainable profitability we are optimising our portfolio and the related pricing structure.



We see improved brand awareness as a crucial driver towards increased market penetration and long term positioning.

We have embraced the fact that new communication channels give more and diverse people access to fast and immediate information. We know that to compete in this space we need to speak to a broader audience and this requires new messaging so that our brand can stand as unique and support our differentiation strategy.



The construction industry is changing and as a leading player we understand the need for a digital playbook to support automated and integrated functions across the organisation.

Starting with the customer relationship touch points as a first priority, we will continue to digitise our sales force, supply chain, production and other Group Functions. Our digital strategy is essential to the success of our new business approach.



All product development in the Group is based on in-depth customer insight and a tight connection with our global business goals.

In addition, our innovation strategy is defined by our corporate purpose to provide products that can make a substantial difference to modern living. The hero of our product is the fire resilient property of stone. From this solid foundation we deliver a wide spectrum of product offerings ranging from energy efficiency, acoustics, comfort and precision growing among others. We are sure that there are new possibilities and therefore, a fixed percentage of our R&D time is dedicated to finding new ways to release the natural power of stone.


Operational excellence

We are the largest stone wool manufacturer in the world.

We have a strong heritage within stone wool production and technology and we constantly enhance productivity and improve our operational capabilities to remain a global leader within stone wool. As an integral element in this leadership we drive continuous improvement with LEAN and keep safety and quality as top priorities in all of our operations.


People and planet

In a fast moving global environment it is fundamental to have the right people in the right place, by selectively bringing in and developing competences in line with current and future requirements.

People are our most valued asset and we care about the world they will live in today and for the future generations. Sustainability leadership is crucial to realising our strategy. We believe that we can grow profitably while contributing to society by making smarter and more resource-efficient solutions available to an increasing number of people around the world.