The Denmark SailGP Team athletes are preparing to fly the F50.

The Danish dream team consists of seven Danes and one Australian:

  • Nicolai Sehested (helm)
  • Tom Johnson (wing trimmer)
  • Rasmus Køstner (flight controller)
  • Martin Kirketerp (grinder)
  • Hans-Christian Rosendahl (grinder)
  • Lars-Peter Rosendahl (grinder)
  • Anne-Marie Rindom (development programme)
  • Katja Salskov-Iversen (development programme)

As well as containing one of SailGP’s youngest helms, the Danish boat also carries three Olympic medals and several World Championship wins! The first siblings ever to compete together at the racing series, twin brothers Lars-Peter and Hans-Christian Rosendahl making the cut to join the team.

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