Upon registration, any new potential supplier is required to accept the current Supplier Code of Conduct, as well as the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

If a supplier registers against any categories subject to REACH, they are prompted and required to report on the SVHC status of the products they wish to supply.

If the Code of Conduct and the Non-Disclosure Agreement are not accepted, as well as REACH when applicable, ROCKWOOL will not do business with the supplier.  

After the registration is completed, the supplier is categorized in the system as Pre-Qualified until approved by a Group Sourcing and Procurement Category Manager.

The final approval is based on an assessment of requirements, responsible sourcing (risk, ethics etc.) and market analysis. 

All contracts are also managed through the on-line tool, thus any documentation or approvals are uploaded and sit in a repository in 1-Source.

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Code of Conduct and Sustainable Sourcing

ROCKWOOL is committed to running its business on ethically and environmentally-sound principles, as we support the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ten universal principles defined in the UN Global Compact relating to human rights, labour environment and anti-corruption. 

We expect suppliers to comply with all international, national and local laws and guidelines relating to employment, environmental and manufacturing practices as well as ethics and bribery, particularly in relation to purchasing. We also expect suppliers to enforce these guidelines with their own suppliers.

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