No other energy resource can compare with energy efficiency as a solution to the energy affordability, security of supply and climate change crises. This is why the IEA calls energy efficiency the “first fuel” of all energy transitions.

IEA, Energy Efficiency 2022

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Solar power installations increase the fire risk

A fire beneath a solar panel would radiate the heat back to the underlying construction, which would add to the fire load, increasing the fire spread and intensity.

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Fire safe constructions can help limit the fire spread

ROCKWOOL non-combustible stone wool insulation is fire resilient by nature, containing fire and helping to prevent its spread.

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Is your roof ready for solar panels?

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Is your roof ready for solar panels?


Does ROCKWOOL think rooftop solar/PV panels are a bad idea?
How do solar/PV panels add fire risk to a building roof?
Is the EU not ready for a large-scale rollout of solar/PV panels?
How important is the roof in the overall safety of a rooftop solar/PV panel installation?
What tests or data is there to demonstrate the increased risk of rooftop solar/PV panels?
Solar panels require routine maintenance – is it okay to walk on ROCKWOOL roof products for this?