Energy Efficiency

In line with the Paris Climate Agreement, energy efficiency stands as imperative cornerstone for achieving our environmental goals. For decades, ROCKWOOL has been championing energy efficiency in our factories, and this unwavering commitment remains at the forefront of our mission.

We firmly believe that the most potent form of energy conservation is the preservation of saved energy itself.

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Decarbonisation involves minimizing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that result from human-induced activities and industrial operations. All manufacturing requires energy, however, producing stone wool requires high and consistent temperatures to melt rock, and that process – as with much of global manufacturing – is still powered by fossil fuels in some geographies.

One of the most important ways in which we are decarbonising our business is by transitioning from coal and coke to less carbon-intensive fuels in our ROCKWOOL factories.

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Renovating our way out of multiple crises

Circular economy

Our products are circular by nature, so they perfectly complement an economy where products are made from natural and abundant materials, are designed for better and more durable use, and can be infinitely recycled.


As a frontrunner in circularity within the construction industry, we are constantly pushing the boundaries to make our products, operations and supply chain more circular.

Rockcycle® is available in 19 countries.




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