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ROCKWOOL insulation rolls are flexible products that can be installed in attic, roof, floor and wall spaces.

They provide protection against heat loss – and can help reduce noise transmission in buildings too.

Our versatile rolls of insulation are available in a variety of thicknesses, widths and lengths. Read on to find out how they can benefit your project.

Where and how can our products be used?

Our rolls of insulation can be used throughout a building, bringing various benefits.

They can be laid over and in-between floor joists and beams and they won’t dip or sag over time1.

ROCKWOOL rolls can also be slotted in-between wall spaces and intermediate floors – thanks to their flexibility and how easy they are to cut to your required shape.

Plus, their structure is adaptable and can fit in and around irregularities – electrical outlets, nails and uneven surfaces for example – without leaving any gaps2.

Loft insulation

Loft insulation rolls can be laid in attic spaces, in-between and over joists.

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Metal wall insulation

Excess noise and echoing through external and internal metal sheeting can be blocked.

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Metal roof insulation

Rainfall, winds and other weather-related noises from outside can be reduced with insulation rolls installed in-between metal sheeting.

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Intermediate floor insulation

Sound and heat travelling through i-joists in intermediate floors can be insulated when rolls are laid.

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Airflow and unwanted noise from connecting floors in flats and houses can be blocked.

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Why do we need insulation rolls?

ROCKWOOL products are designed to bring benefits to your building. Our rolls help to stop heat from escaping, block nuisance noise and provide fire protection in the event of a blaze.

They can be rolled out into the places you want them, making them one of the easiest insulation products to install. Plus, they can provide:

  • Lower energy bills – Heat is kept in, and cold kept out during the cooler months. This can help occupants enjoy lower monthly bills.
  • Better fire protection – Our rolls of insulation are non-combustible and do not contribute to the spread of flames. They can withstand temperatures over 1000°C4.
  • Less unwanted noise – Flats and housing in built-up areas can experience unwanted noise, impacting the quality of living5.
    Insulation helps soundproof buildings.
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Sustainability and energy efficiency

We strive to protect our environment and help provide sustainable living for the future. ROCKWOOL insulation sold in 2019 will save 888TWh heating energy over the time it’s used in buildings9.

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