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Sound and heat can easily transfer between rooms and dwellings in the same building through separating floors. Whether in a block of commercial offices or residential apartments, this often creates unwanted noise pollution and increased energy consumption1.  

Intermediate floor insulation is designed to tackle this directly by improving acoustic properties, while reducing heat loss and energy use. It can prevent heat penetrating through to upper levels, and also improve the fire resistance of structures too. 

In both residential and commercial properties, this helps create a much more comfortable living and working environment for occupants and tenants.

Learn more about the benefits of separating floor insulation, ROCKWOOL products and our installation methods today. 



Why do we need intermediate floor insulation?

Insulating separating floors is important in any building to protect neighbours from unwanted noise – and fire risks. Usually these are wooden structures, where insulation is placed between the load-bearing beams or, in case of a solid concrete floor, fixed against the underside.

Intermediate floor insulation adds an extra layer of protection to safeguard dwellings and offices against sound transmission and the spread of fire, ensuring they are compliant with local fire safety building regulations).

It also provides thermal resistance, which can help retain heat within spaces in cold environments – and keep cool air where it’s needed in warm climates.

This insulation can be applied to both new buildings and renovations.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved fire safety
  • Enhanced acoustic absorption
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs

Calculator and savings

The amount of separating floor insulation required depends on the size of the surface where it is to be applied, as well as the structure of the floor itself.

Whether it is a concrete or wooden floor will affect the amount of insulation material you need. Some products also have a flexible edge, reducing material loss when cutting down to size to install insulation between floor joists.

Thermal resistance properties can result in energy savings by creating a consistently heated or cooled environment – reducing the need to expend energy on additional heating or air conditioning.

When it comes to determining the ideal product thickness for the highest performance, U-value calculator tools and technical support from your local ROCKWOOL organisation can help you find the exact product and dimensions to meet your requirements.


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ROCKWOOL intermediate floor insulation is easy to install between beams, offering high sound reduction and absorption – as well as protecting wooden beams against the risk of fire.

Roger Peeters

ROCKWOOL Group Product Manager

Case studies

The challenge

An iconic Malaysian landmark, the Petronas Twin Towers are the tallest twin structure in existence – and were constructed in 1996 to symbolise the nation’s forward-thinking optimism. A project of this scale needed to follow rigorous safety standards.

The solution

Huge importance was understandably placed on the fire resilience of the towers. ROCKWOOL products’ fire resistant and thermal properties made them an ideal choice to meet key requirements. The Towers’ curtain wall system was built and tested to guarantee two-hour fire resistance, while 900 tonnes of stone wool were installed across the floors, ceilings and walls of both towers.  

The results

Our insulation helps keep the buildings’ thousands of occupants safe from the risk of fire. It also improves thermal performance – reducing energy consumption for air conditioning in a city where temperatures remain around 30°C all year – while enhancing acoustic performance and reducing sound transmission between dwellings.

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Thanks to our product portfolio and our continuous R&D efforts, we are in a privileged position to…enrich the lives of people and cities such as Kuala Lumpur.

Jeff Wilcox

ROCKWOOL South Asia Managing Director

Sustainability and energy efficiency

All of our ROCKWOOL separating floor insulation products are fully recyclable. They are made from one of the most abundant natural materials around – stone3.

Mid floor insulation is designed to last the lifetime of a building, whether it’s installed in a brand-new property or used to renovate an existing one.

It also provides thermal benefits to help promote indoor comfort, and meet modern Passive House standards4.

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Financial support

There may be local schemes and tax incentives available in your country. Contact your local office for specific help and advice.

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