Partition walls with a wooden structure are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings to separate rooms into different spaces1.

They can effectively create flexible living and working environments, but sound and draughts can pass through easily if they aren’t effectively insulated.

Timber stud wall insulation is designed to improve comfort for residents or employees, while also increasing fire safety standards.

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Why do we need timber stud wall insulation?

Stud walls are a fantastic way of redesigning flats, offices and other spaces.

However, the space in-between the timber frames can allow sound and heat to travel through. If you’ve installed a partition with privacy and comfort in mind, or to facilitate quieter office space, this could be a potential issue. 

Quality timber stud wall insulation can reduce noise transmission by filling the gaps in-between the timber frames. By installing effective insulation products, such as stone wool, acoustic performance is improved, blocking nuisance noise, while also enhancing fire safety and energy efficiency.

This creates a more comfortable, safe indoor environment for those living and working inside.

Calculator and savings

To calculate the amount of insulation required for your project, you’ll need accurate measurements of the stud wall so you can install maximum coverage.

ROCKWOOL insulation solutions are designed to provide long-term energy savings for businesses, constructors and residents.

Thanks to their thermal properties, our stone wool products reduce the need to use heating or cooling systems, and raise energy efficiency while cutting associated costs2.

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With good quality ROCKWOOL insulation, you can help to improve the acoustic performance and fire resistance of timber stud walls.

Roger Peeters

ROCKWOOL Global Product Manager

Sustainability and energy efficiency

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do.

ROCKWOOL products can contain up to 75 percent recycled material10. This shows our commitment to breathing new life into older insulation, and creating new products that still offer optimal performance.

We also recycle waste created during the production process, minimising our carbon footprint and impact on the environment by following a cleaner method of producing insulation11.

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Financial support

Grants and tax incentives for installing insulation may be available in some markets. Contact your local offices to learn more.

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