Preventing exposure to noise

Alessandro Bracco
November 8, 2018

Learn how there is a new awareness towards younger people who are exposed to environmental noise.

Bodily health

We generally believe that our health is affected by two main factors: exercise and diet. However, are you aware that there are cardiovascular effects that can come from environmental noise? That’s right, even the busy, noisy world around you is contributing directly to your bodily health.

Everyone is concerned about health. Regardless of whether someone runs 10 miles a day or hasn’t seen a doctor in 10 years, friends and family are always cautioning one another to live a healthier life.

Nevertheless, the critical key to this healthier lifestyle could be in the form of an unexpected source: Buildings.


Noise pollution

Findings have shown that noise pollution can contribute to poor health, namely in children, in the form of paediatric pre hypertension (pre-HTN). A way to combat these outside threats is to implement buildings that can block out these forms of pollution.

Despite our knowledge regarding risk prevention, deep building renovations are becoming the go to solution. The use of the right materials and techniques - within an updated dwelling design - puts adults and children alike out of harm’s way.

With a continuously moving environment surrounding us, adapting our homes and businesses can prevent the spread of risks to those who live and work within these buildings. Whether it comes via insulation implementation or sound absorbing products, overcoming the issues you have with potential threats to your health becomes easily doable through a well-thought design process.

In the past, the risks of noise pollution were not widely known, and they were never thought to have long term harmful effects on human beings. But recent discoveries have shown that environmental factors have a direct connection to increasing levels of paediatric pre HTN. Child health being a priority for our society, this is a serious matter to consider.

When deciding the best course of action, take a look at the ways in which you can stop noise pollution from entering your home or business. You will find that the benefits of a deep renovation will help cancel out threats of pollution.

Furthermore, stopping these negative factors from getting inside will keep your personal space pollution free for the good of yourself and your little ones.

The most important rule in health is to always be aware of what is going into your body and your immediate environment. Rather than being on constant alert for noise pollution, take charge of the situation through smart usage of the design of your home and the materials within it. Thorough prevention of noise pollution may end up saving you a visit to the doctor.



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