Discover the innovation and science Beneath The Surface

Innovation is a product of curious minds, good data and ambitious goals. Without it, we couldn’t achieve what is required to create a more sustainable future - Or, indeed, to win races. But the innovations that make it possible to really lower the world’s emissions and make it possible to sail 100kph in a 50ft sailboat rarely get the credit they deserve. They are hidden beneath the surface – inside walls, hulls, materials, computers and minds. We want to put what’s beneath the surface in the spotlight.


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ROCKWOOL Denmark SailGP Team, Season 4, Los Angeles, LA 2023, Foiling, F50
05 Sep 2023

How SailGP teams will survive the European Triple Header

How do you approach a six-week racing block that could make or break your whole SailGP season?

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ROCKWOOL SailGP Team, SailGP Season 4, Chicago,
21 Jul 2023

This is what it takes to win SailGP

Inside ROCKWOOL Denmark SailGP Team’s plan to make the final

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Cadiz Sail Grand Prix, SailGP, F50 catamaran, Denmark SailGP Team
11 Jul 2023

How SailGP grinders power the boat to jaw-dropping speeds

SailGP’s high-performance foiling catamarans – feature some of the most sophisticated and technically advanced control systems ever created.

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Copenhagen Sail Grand Prix, SailGP, F50 catamaran, Denmark SailGP Team
05 May 2023

How SailGP’s NASA-inspired wings make the boats fly

The towering 3D structures are more like airplane wings than traditional sails, and, arguably, the most complex element of SailGP’s high-tech F50 foiling catamarans

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SailGP San Francisco
30 Apr 2023

How the world’s best athletes are turning sustainability into sport

Introducing the Impact League: Now sailing’s best teams are rewarded not only for their racing performance, but their efforts in all areas of team operations

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Saint-Tropez Sail Grand Prix, SailGP, F50 catamaran, Denmark SailGP Team
16 Mar 2023

How sharing performance data has made SailGP Season 3 the most competitive yet

How do you gain a competitive advantage over your rivals in a professional sport which has been inherently designed to constantly re-level the playing field, event by event?

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