We are pleased to announce that thanks to our newest factory in Ranson, West Virginia, our lead times have now dropped to a normal level. With our lead times now very short, you should not expect any delays to projects due to the timely delivery of ROCKWOOL products.

The Advantage of Stone Wool for Fire Protection Better understand fire safety regulations in building codes and fire safety testing standards.
In this report, you will learn how ROCKWOOL’s products can support communities to adapt and build resilience to climate change impacts and how we reduce the environmental impact in our production and value chain. Sustainability at ROCKWOOL
Lean about the benefits of Renovation, and how we can help! Want to understand what renovation can do for you?
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What is the R-Class premium partnership program for builders?

It’s a community for those who take pride in their craft. They use high-performance materials and installation techniques, to ensure their homes are comfortable, beautiful, efficient and built to last.

When a builder joins the R‑Class, you’ll receive support and training by our team of residential building pros, samples, potential rebate savings and more. ROCKWOOL high-performance stone wool is in a class of its own — and so are the builders who make up the R‑Class.

Residential Builder installing ROCKWOOL