Effective insulated sandwich panels require a robust, reliable and quality core material. Partnering with ROCKWOOL Core Solutions offers exactly that.

Our specialists become an extension of your operations, working with (OEMs) and sandwich panel manufacturers to innovate stone wool insulation solutions. This in turn provides enhanced fire protection, acoustic performance, thermal regulation and mechanical performance for constructions.

Whether your applications are for industrial buildings, logistic centres, shopping malls or those using steel structures, or they involve roof, façade, partition wall or otherwise, we can adjust mechanical performances as you require.

Why do we need insulated sandwich panels?

Engineers, contractors, architects and building owners are under more pressure than ever to construct buildings that are energy efficient, safe and sustainable.

This, alongside an emphasis on speed of construction and considerations around the growing impact of noise pollution, can prove a significant challenge. Sandwich panel constructions that integrate our stone wool core material can play their part in ticking all these boxes. They enable fast construction, economical processes and improved energy efficiency for buildings.

Our solutions are suitable for insulating ceilings, both interior and exterior walls (including partition walls and facades) and roofs – as well as for firewall applications. When installed, stone wool insulation harnesses the 7 Strengths of Stone, offering:

  • Increased fire protection – stone wool core insulation integrates non-combustible properties to sandwich panels, delivering the highest European fire classification A2-s1, D0. This provides far greater protection against flames than many other insulation types.
  • Acoustic capabilities – blocking unwanted noise from attached or neighbouring buildings. The acoustic absorption qualities offered by our stone wool can help tackle the growing impact of noise pollution.
  • Thermal performance – temperatures are better regulated in buildings, thanks to the smart fibre structure of stone wool insulation. Improving energy efficiency also leads to cost and energy savings.
  • Bespoke solution – products are manufactured in advanced plants, ensuring a customised product for your sandwich panel process.

The BIM Library by ROCKWOOL Core Solutions

ROCKWOOL Core Solutions designed The BIM library in partnership with sandwich panel manufacturers. Together, we focus to deliver BIM models that contain data from the insulation and system owner expertise. Discover how it works.

Benefit from the latest stone wool insulated sandwich panel BIM objects:

  • It's free!
  • Get accurate data
  • And, enjoy an efficient workflow
Person working at computer desk, looking at ROCKWOOL Core Solutions BIM Library. Sandwich panels with stone wool insulation core BIM models.
“ROCKWOOL Core Solutions provide high-quality, customised stone wool cores for sandwich panels. Upon integration, these reinforced sandwich panels harness the 7 Strengths of Stone. Most importantly, they add fire protection to the building – safeguarding its integrity and contributing to its continuity.”

Benjo Daemen

ROCKWOOL Core Solutions European Business Director

Sustainability and energy efficiency

Our solutions can help sandwich panel manufacturers develop products and building elements that are fit for purpose, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Stone wool integration within sandwich panels improves the thermal performance and energy efficiency of the building and final system.

In the materials sector, resource efficiency is important, particularly when climate neutrality goals have been set – such as the Paris Agreement.[1]

That’s why ROCKWOOL Core Solutions are currently hard at work developing the circularity of our processes.[2] These are also backed by environmental product declarations (EPDs)[3] to ensure buildings and systems conform to local sustainable building schemes.

Stone wool can be re-used when no longer needed and recycled to create new stone wool core solutions.

This helps improve the sustainability of the construction and manufacturing industries at large.


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Material Economics, 2019, “Industrial transformation 2050 - Pathways to Net-Zero Emissions from EU Heavy Industry” 

[3] https://www.environdec.com/


Building construction photo series of the ARPEX warehouse in Gliwice, Poland. Sandwich panels with stone wool insulation.


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