Garage ceillings insulation

Converting a garage is an increasingly popular way to enhance an existing property – and good quality garage insulation is a crucial consideration for any conversion.

Transforming a car port or storage room into a more accessible and useful area can be a very rewarding project. Not only does it provide extra living or working space, but it can raise a property’s value.

Possible conversions include:

  • Home office – turning the garage into a useful space where people can work from home.
  • Spare bedroom increasing the number of sleeping spaces in the property and potentially boosting its value.
  • Leisure area – creating a children’s playroom, music room or a home gym if properly renovated.

Whether setting up a practice space for aspiring drummers, or crafting the perfect home studio, insulating a garage can ensure a more comfortable indoor environment, reducing heat loss through external walls, and greatly boosting energy efficiency by eliminating the need for excess heating or cooling costs.  

In addition, when a garage wall is in direct contact with the main property, applying effective insulation to improve thermal regulation and energy efficiency is often especially crucial – as problems caused by excess heat loss will impact upon the wider living space.

This is something to seriously consider, whether you are converting the garage space or not.

Our stone wool products can also protect against risks such as fire, issues such as noise, and the build-up of damp and mould.

Find out how ROCKWOOL insulation solutions can benefit your project today.

Why do we need garage insulation?

When renovating a space previously used as a storage area, special attention should be given to comfort and safety.

A great deal of heat can be lost through the external walls of your house – and the garage is no different. Whether you’re planning to convert the garage into a bedroom, office or playroom for kids, adequate garage wall insulation means those inside can be comfortable whatever the weather.

Soundproofing a garage, meanwhile, can bring a range of benefits. Not only does it protect the space from the noises of a busy neighbourhood, but effective acoustic insulation is also vital if it is used as a music studio, for example.

Installing garage ceiling insulation will help keep the noise out above and prevent heat loss through that area – particularly important if it is situated underneath another living space, adjoined to your house.

Garage roof insulation can offer acoustic protection from overhead noise such as aircraft, while insulating a garage floor can be especially important to maintain an ideal temperature, especially if it is made from concrete.

Alternatively, if you simply want to use the garage for storage, stone wool insulation’s water repellent properties offer enhanced protection against damp and mould. Stone wool’s vapour permeability is also useful in preventing problems related to humidity.

If the garage adjoins a house, whether you are converting it or not, it’s especially important to ensure that it is adequately protected against heat loss – and the spread of fire. ROCKWOOL’s non-combustible insulation slows the spread of flames1.

Calculator and savings

Insulating a garage is highly worthwhile, as potential savings on energy bills or ruined belongings – plus increases in property value – can greatly outweigh the costs.

The time spent by adults in their new home office, or kids in a custom playroom, can provide an invaluable lifestyle boost too.

ROCKWOOL insulation products come in various sizes and thicknesses, which can be tailored to the thermal performance you want to achieve – and the places you want to fit them.

We offer a wide range of products in different regions, with our ceiling, roof, wall and floor ranges adaptable for garage applications. Consult your local ROCKWOOL pages and experts for details on available products and calculators.

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Whether renovating an existing garage, creating a new living space or building from scratch, there are many benefits to choosing ROCKWOOL products as the basis for a building that’s made to last.

Erica Bazzini

ROCKWOOL Group Product Manager

Sustainability and energy efficiency

Garage renovation is a very rewarding project, which is why so many homeowners or property developers convert or upgrade these spaces.

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Financial support

You may qualify for financial assistance or subsidies with your garage insulation project if energy efficiency incentives are offered in your market. Contact local offices for more information.

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