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ESG investor call

On 8 March 2024, ROCKWOOL Group hosted the annual investor conference call dedicated to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics.

Consistent with our Group purpose to enrich modern living, we are committed to delivering excellent long-term investment performance alongside environmental stewardship, ensuring that our business decisions have a positive impact on the lives of many, beyond financial performance. 

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Sustainability Report

ROCKWOOL has a critical role to play in the renovation wave and we are ready to act.

Discover how our Group Sustainability Report provides a holistic view of how ROCKWOOL's products can support communities and increase our positive impact through new initiatives while reducing our negative environmental impact.


The Wageningen University & Research

In 2017, ROCKWOOL partnered with the Wageningen University & Research, specialising in life science, to develop a methodology on a quantitative comparison between soil based cultivation systems and stone wool systems.

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One Ocean Foundation

In 2022, ROCKWOOL has joined forces with One Ocean Foundation in a multi-year global scientific partnership focused on accelerating solutions to protect and regenerate our ocean.

ROCKWOOL Denmark SailGP team collaborates with One Ocean Foundation with the objective to analyse, track and reduce the carbon and plastic footprint of team operations as part of SailGP’s Impact League initiative.

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Circular Economy

Supported by Circle Economy Consulting, ROCKWOOL has developed a set of circularity KPIs to not only support disclosure in relation to CSRD and the EU Taxonomy, but also to help drive the transition along every step of the value chain. Circle Economy Consulting has developed an indicator dashboard for ROCKWOOL to measure its efforts against applying to different steps of the value chain: Circular materials, Circular use and Circular end-of-life.

Circle Economy Foundation

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