Attic insulation with granulate

Effective, easy to install and ensuring maximum performance, ROCKWOOL insulation granulate – also known as blown-in insulation or loose fill insulation – is an efficient way to protect buildings and their occupants against fire, nuisance noise and heat loss.

Applied in a range of areas, especially loft and wall spaces, insulation can be installed using a blowing machine – rather than manually rolling out products or placing slabs.

Discover how ROCKWOOL granular insulation can drive down energy bills and make buildings more comfortable to live and work in.

Where and how can our products be used?

ROCKWOOL granulate insulation can be used in a variety of applications.

Unlike products such as rolls and slabs, loose fill insulation is blown into the applied area, using a blowing machine. This has a flexible tube to be moved around and pointed at specific areas, to fill them with granulate.

This helps ensure maximum coverage, with minimal effort, in a variety of settings:

Cavity walls

Insulation is installed between the outer and inner wall, reducing heat lost through cavity spaces in renovated or new builds.

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Loft Insulation

Loose fill loft insulation is blown in-between and on top off floor joists in attic spaces to prevent heat escaping from the roof.

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Timber frame

Blown-in insulation can be applied between timber studs in external walls, providing higher levels of sound proofing and reducing the effects of noise.

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Why do we need granulate insulation?

Blown-in insulation helps make a building more energy efficient and comfortable for people living or working there.

Once installed, our insulation products can:

  • Lower energy bills – better temperature regulation via loft and wall spaces means occupants don’t have to turn the heating or air conditioning on as much, reducing heating or cooling bills and easing financial burdens.
  • Adapt to different spaces – granulate insulation can be blown into tight spaces that would otherwise need an insulation roll or slab cutting several times, moulding perfectly to awkward areas.
  • Reduce nuisance noise – by reducing sound impacts in ceiling and wall spaces, unwanted noise from neighbouring properties or the outside environment can be reduced – potentially leading to less disturbed sleep, and lower stress levels caused by nuisance noise2.

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Sustainability and energy efficiency

We create solutions that aim to help the planet and the areas we live in.

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