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Mirella Vitale
Mirella Vitale
November 8, 2022

“By Nature” is our new marketing and brand positioning campaign launching today. These two words say a lot about both our company and the natural core qualities of stone wool.

Launching a new marketing and brand positioning campaign is always interesting at ROCKWOOL. What makes us unique is that the inherent properties of ROCKWOOL stone wool ensure that our products are naturally effective, and therefore the most responsible choice for building better. In a nutshell, not all building products are created equal, ours are created by nature.

Superior natural qualities

We know that buildings are the biggest source of emissions globally, so like all parts of our lives, the choices we make as we design and specify for them, must speak to our common values.

We need to raise awareness among customers and other stakeholders about stone wool’s superior qualities relative to other materials – across a wide spectrum of attributes. Our goal is to provide stakeholders  with the information they need to make a responsible choice also when it comes to the environment, fire safety, health, and wellbeing.

As an industry, we must make responsible choices for the climate and for our collective health and wellbeing. For us at ROCKWOOL, this means choosing to innovate and roll out products and systems that cut emissions and waste and contribute to healthier, more responsible spaces. For building professionals, this means making smart, conscious choices across materials, treatments and finishes. As the architects of our homes, schools, hospitals, offices and care facilities, they have the power to decide how healthy and safe our societies’ indoor environments are. The idea is that the “By Nature” campaign will help them make informed choices. It is being rolled out first in Italy, France, the United Kingdom and the United States – to be followed by other key ROCKWOOL markets early in the new year.

Not your everyday marketing campaign

Collaborating with Accenture Song for strategic creative inspiration and asset creation, the campaign is anchored around an emotionally inspiring video directed by award-winning director Martin Aamund.

The “By Nature” video has a special twist – with images running backwards in time and no voiceover or text, it traces a young woman’s life from when she is giving birth back in time to her own days as a young child. Each stage of life reflects different inherent properties that make stone wool the responsible choice among building materials.

Launching during COP27

It’s no coincidence that we’re launching our campaign during the COP27 climate conference. Last year, we were very active at COP 26 in Glasgow, Scotland. Our CEO, Jens Birgersson, and a team from ROCKWOOL highlighted the importance of energy efficient buildings for meeting global climate goals. Unfortunately, there is not the same focus on buildings this year in Egypt and no day during the COP is dedicated to the built environment. But we’re very aware that we can’t solve climate change without addressing building efficiency, and hope that our “By Nature” campaign can help bring this issue to life.

I’m always proud of how incredibly relevant our company is in today’s world and how our stone wool products directly support so many initiatives that are key to our future. We’re all about building better, securing a circular economy, and finding new and innovative ways to use a natural and abundant raw material that has so many naturally impressive qualities.

Watch our video here: 'By Nature' video

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