Kim Junge Andersen

Kim Junge Andersen, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), joined ROCKWOOL and the Group Management team in 2016.

Kim Junge Andersen, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), joined ROCKWOOL and the Group Management team in 2016.


Although sustainability isn’t what first attracted Kim Junge Andersen to join ROCKWOOL, in this interview, he explains how now it keeps him motivated every day.

As CFO, Kim Junge Andersen often meets with analysts and investors. Traditional topics have always been turnover, EBIT and outlook, the numbers, and financial facts. But this is changing.

“My conversations with investors and analysts almost always involve communicating about our purpose. It’s a very attractive door-opener. Many have invested with us for a long time, but we’ve also a lot of new investors and our purpose continues to pique their interest,” Kim says.

“Afterall, it’s a compelling story – a company committed to delivering excellent long-term investment performance that is driven by responsible environmental and social stewardship. Two years ago, we became the first company in the Nordic region to establish dedicated quarterly Environment Social Governance (ESG) calls – and investment analysts have really welcomed this initiative. The ESG calls are in addition to our quarterly investor calls, so it showcases the external interest that exists in both our company and our purpose."​​​​​​​

In April 2021, ROCKWOOL was awarded for being the first company in the Nordics to host quarterly ESG calls for investors and analysts.

Proud of our purpose

"I’ve been with ROCKWOOL for five years now, but to be completely honest, it wasn’t the purpose that attracted me to join in the first place.

Now it’s become not only something that I am immensely proud of, but also an important tool in my work with investors and many other stakeholders."

Investing in the future

Kim Junge Andersen and his colleagues in the Group Management team remain optimistic about the future.

 “There is great alignment around our purpose within ROCKWOOL, and we’re investing in our future accordingly. During the past two years, we invested significantly to support our growth, and this continues in 2021 with the opening of the new factory in the United States as well as further investments to expand Rockfon and Grodan capacity. We’ll also make additional investments to support our sustainability and decarbonisation goals."