Prefabricated insulated building elements need to be resilient, robust and add real value to the finished construction. 

Our custom stone wool core insulation solutions are easily integrated into your manufacturing process, providing OEM offsite construction with seamless, high-quality results.

But partnering with ROCKWOOL Core Solutions offers more than just bespoke insulation – whether you are producing 2D insulated elements or 3D modular systems. Everything we do follows our philosophy and approach, which we call The Power of &.

Learn how ROCKWOOL Core Solutions can help you create sustainable, effective and energy-efficient solutions for your prefabricated building manufacture.

Why do you need insulation for prefabricated building elements?

Modular and prefabricated buildings need to be just as energy efficient, fire resilient and noise resistant as other types of construction.

It can be far easier, however, to introduce fire protection, acoustic absorption and thermal regulation properties to prefabricated building elements pre-construction, ultimately improving the structure as a whole.

A partnership with ROCKWOOL Core Solutions can enhance the individual parts of prefabricated buildings offsite – before they are assembled. We work with you to create the best prefabricated elements possible, such as insulated precast concrete walls.

Integrating quality insulation at this stage avoids extra time, work and materials needed at a later stage, ensuring prefabricated buildings meet the needs of their occupants right away.

Our core stone wool insulation is:[1]

  • Customisable to your process needs, and according to the performance, dimension and/or mechanical strengths required for the building element
  • Highly durable
  • Highly sustainable and recyclable
  • Able to maintain the same compression strength without compromising thermal and mechanical performance

Design with More Energy Efficiency

The amount of stone wool core insulation required will depend on the size and shape of the prefabricated building elements you manufacture.

As well as customising stone wool for physical feasibility, we can also manipulate the fibre orientation to deliver various performance enhancements and mechanical strengths.[1]  

Our customised stone wool design capabilities can provide solutions that integrate into products of varying dimensions and performance focuses. 

Specialists will support your operations along the way, from purchase order to quality satisfaction, to save time and reduce waste.

Stone wool enhances the thermal regulation of structures. By improving the energy efficiency of construction components for prefabricated buildings, you can pass on these energy savings to occupants.



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“Our stone wool specialists support manufacturers to organise and optimise your operations, share expert knowledge for the integration of core insulation, and provide collaboration and unity during testing regulation and certification.”

Francois Torrebruno

ROCKWOOL Core Solutions European Business Director

Sustainability and energy efficiency

Stone wool can also be recycled again and again, without impacting its quality or performance8. This means you can remove it from a construction at the end of its life to reuse – boosting the circularity of the manufacturing and construction industries9.

Because we offer customised solutions, this further reduces waste during the integration of insulation – helping you hit any environmental targets you may have.


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Financial support

ROCKWOOL Core Solutions can work with you to identify potential efficiencies and improvements in your manufacturing process – saving you time, waste and money.

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