Mirella Vitale

Mirella Vitale, Senior Vice President of Group Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs, joined ROCKWOOL and the Group Management team in 2015.

Mirella Vitale, Italian, born 12 December 1970. Senior Vice President, Group Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs since 2016


Born in London to an Italian family, Mirella had a long and varied international career before joining ROCKWOOL. She was instrumental in developing ROCKWOOL’s purpose in 2016 – one that is more relevant than ever today. In this interview, Mirella talks about why working for a purpose is vital for her job satisfaction.

“I’ve always wanted something more than just a job. My work helps me to stay positive – all the more so when that work is something that’s really important for our future. Working for a purpose gets me up each morning,” Mirella says.  

“We developed the purpose formulation during 2016, but it’s always been in ROCKWOOL’s DNA. In today´s reality, our purpose addresses the green recovery agenda and the transformation of our cities – and these issues are not just something that are important for ROCKWOOL Group, they’re a crucial part of the global agenda”.

Release the natural power of stone to improve modern living

ROCKWOOL has defined its purpose in one simple sentence.

“Our purpose – to release the natural power of stone to improve modern living – addresses urban living and a desire to make modern city life as easy, comfortable and environmentally-friendly as possible. During the pandemic, it is important to remind ourselves of what it is we stand for as a company and of how incredibly relevant it is in today’s world.

When I look at global initiatives that are key to a better future – the EU Green Deal, Next Generation EU, C40 Just and Green transition, and so much more, I’m constantly reminded that our purpose perfectly supports those commitments. We’re all about building better, securing a circular economy, and finding new and innovative ways to use a natural and abundant raw material”.