Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) require solutions that add value – and easily slot in with offsite construction and industrial manufacturing finished systems.

That’s why ROCKWOOL Core Solutions work with you to understand your applications and provide customised solutions, based on your process of assembly, application and how customers will use your finished products.

Our stone wool cores offer a leading industry standard across all forms of OEM insulation, and can be built into and around your products – offering the best possible outcomes.

To meet your needs today and tomorrow, we develop partnerships that collaborate on:

  • The supplying of stone wool
  • Integrating our product into your process and system
  • Application testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Certification

Discover how you can transform your operations and products when you partner with ROCKWOOL Core Solutions today.

In our increasingly busy world, traffic, heavy machinery, construction and urbanization all contribute to noise pollution. This means that a substantial amount of people risk regular exposure to unhealthy decibel levels exceeding 55dB.

At ROCKWOOL Core Solutions, we’re committed to reducing unwanted noise by making sound barrier insulation the best it can be. Drawing on the 7 key benefits of stone wool insulation – what we call the 7 Strengths of Stone - our stone wool can be integrated into offsite manufactured products to eliminate excess noise for occupants, workers, and passers-by.

Sound barrier insulation is commonly required in the following locations, and we cater to all of them:

  •     Airports
  •     Residential roads
  •     High-speed rail
  •     High-speed autoroutes

Explore some of stone wool’s key properties in-depth

Discover how The Power of & can work for you as an OEM

At ROCKWOOL, we ensure that all your products and systems will benefit from the 7 Strengths of Stone. That’s because when you design one strength into a product with stone wool, you gain all the 7 Strengths of Stone. With ROCKWOOL Core Solutions as your partner, you also gain The Power of & which delivers 'more' options in many other ways, through qualities that set our organisation apart.


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