Climate Change

It’s time to regenerate the ocean

Mirella Vitale
Mirella Vitale
June 10, 2022

In the week where World Ocean day falls, we turn our focus to our partnership with the One Ocean Foundation, the actions we can take to preserve and protect our marine environments, and ways we can inspire others to do the same.

In May 2022, ROCKWOOL Group announced a new international partnership with the One Ocean Foundation, an NGO focused on supporting the health and sustainability of the oceans. Stemming from our involvement in the global sailing competition, Sail GP and our sponsorship of Denmark’s SailGP Team, the collaboration connects global business, world-class sport and cutting-edge science to drive positive impact.

Why partner with the One Ocean Foundation?

Backed by an independent scientific committee and working with a range of institutions, research centres and universities, the One Ocean Foundation aims to accelerate solutions to ocean issues. As a leader in ocean advocacy, the One Ocean Foundation studies marine data and reaches out to companies and leaders to create more accountability. With their One Ocean Disclosure Initiative, a science-based framework and methodology, they are investigating the role of companies across all industries in addressing ocean challenges, focusing on the pressures – direct and indirect – on marine ecosystems, the level of awareness in the business community, and the main (technological and organisational) response. As a land-based company that makes natural, fully recyclable stone wool building products from sustainably-sourced volcanic rock, we might seem far removed from the ocean. But the Foundation’s reports make it very clear that all industries – and not just those in coastal locations – are exerting some negative pressures on our oceans. So we’re eager to play our part in the One Ocean Foundation’s research and to encourage other companies to do the same.

Purpose partner for the Denmark SailGP Team

The partnership doesn’t just make sense when it comes to taking responsibility as a company, the Denmark SailGP Team presented by ROCKWOOL, will also collaborate with One Ocean Foundation as part of SailGP’s Impact League initiative. This will involve analysing, tracking and reducing the carbon and plastic footprint of their activities throughout  Season 3. The Danish team will also collect a series of plankton samples in every SailGP venue to create a first-ever water health map of the 11 Sail GP race tracks. The samples will be analysed to review the presence of pollutants, including microplastics, to monitor the real-time health of the ocean at each location.

Driving positive impact

Our oceans cover 70 percent of Earth’s surface, provide over half our oxygen and absorb 50 times as much carbon dioxide as our atmosphere[1].They play an important role in our economies and provide us with food, work and leisure activities. They are shared and valued by us all – and that’s exactly why we need to share responsibility for taking care of them. From individuals to organisations, companies to governments, we need to take action – today. Partnering with the One Ocean Foundation is our way to help spread awareness, to understand our marine environments better and to identify solutions to meet future challenges. #wearealloneocean

[1] Why should we care about the ocean? (

The Impact League

Sail GP has an ambition to be the world’s most sustainable and purpose-driven global sports and entertainment platform – and the introduction of the Impact League in Season 2 was a step in the right direction.

Unique in sport, the Impact League is a second leaderboard that runs alongside the SailGP Season Championship. This leaderboard scores each team for their positive actions to reduce their footprint and help accelerate innovation and inclusivity in the sport. The winner of the Impact League is crowned alongside the Season Champion, and earns valuable funding for its purpose partner.