Climate Change

Change your climate, the right way

Mirella Vitale
Mirella Vitale
November 29, 2018

Cities are at constant risk of disaster due to climate change, but there are ways to lessen that risk.

Climate change affects city living

The fear of commuting into a city - or the fear of living in a city - used to be based on the culture shock or the crowds that are often associated with high density living areas. However, the new fear that comes to mind with cities is just how vulnerable they are to climate change.

Right now, 70% of cities are dealing with the effects of climate change, with an estimated 80% of predicted cost for climate adaptation going to the cities that need it the most. Furthermore, the fact that some of the biggest cities in the world are located next to a coastline puts these cities at an additional risk for damage from powerful storms and rising sea levels.

This is where the act of renovation becomes important.

Affected by climate change

Currently, 70% of cities are dealing with the effects of climate change

Renovations provide practical, cost-effective solutions

At this moment, energy consumption is resulting in a massive amount of CO2 emissions around the world, which only pushes weather changes in a direction that could become irreversible. To bring conditions back to a manageable state, building renovation plays a big role.

For example, new building design can lessen the emissions of CO2 and make for better energy efficiency that lowers costs. Additionally, these buildings are able to stand the test of time - by standing tall in any weather that comes their way.

From a financial and practical perspective, this solution also works by decreasing CO2 emissions and using a smaller cost for energy, all while having the same longevity as the current buildings we have today.

Today, most buildings within our cities are not kept up to date with the latest designs that allow for reduced air pollution, increased energy efficiency and the ability to stand firm in the face of dangerous weather conditions.

However, by using the right materials and techniques such as stone wool insulation in our buildings to change the amount of energy we use, there is a real possibility to alter the trajectory of our climate change and put our cities on the right track to sustainability and resilience.

The overall goal of these solutions is to improve our work and home environments by making energy consumption more efficient and keeping dangerous CO2 emissions away from the places that are highly populated.

In doing so, new construction and renovation solutions are now becoming the best option for buildings that need to be updated and the best go to solution for energy conservation. As we delve into the future, there are reasons for our world to become more aware of different alternatives that could reduce pollution, save costs and create greater resilience towards climate changes. 

With renovations, saving on all three becomes a reality.


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