Testimonial - Prashant Naikwadi

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"Great Together to me, means that we can strive for greatness as a team. It’s a commitment to achieving collaborative and collective success."

- Prashant Naikwadi


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I was the first person hired for the ROCKWOOL Account Development (RAD) team in February 2018, and it’s been rewarding and fun to see the team grow and succeed. I’ve learned to take on a little bit of an informal mentor- and leadership role with my new team members. The RAD Team has great potential in developing and evolving, and I’m excited to be a part of its ongoing growth.
Testimonial - Prashant Naikwadi

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The reason I like to work for ROCKWOOL is because our company is built on strong teamwork and company culture, and the people are awesome!

Prashant Naikwadi

Account Development Representative
The ROCKWOOL culture is unique, because every day, we all work together to help each other out. There is an understanding that success is a shared journey. The camaraderie between colleagues is incredibly encouraging. With all the activities, events and meetings we participate in, we genuinely feel part of a strong work family!
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