Innovations that impact people’s lives

Working at ROCKWOOL, you are part of something bigger. From the factory floor to the office, we provide meaningful career opportunities that contribute to improving the lives of people around the world. With our field expertise, we manufacture products that tackle many of today’s biggest challenges such as energy consumption and noise pollution, fire resilience, water scarcity and urban flooding. We share a passion for making the world more sustainable and doing our part – from our operations to the end solutions we create. 

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A culture made of skill and passion

As a family-founded and values-oriented company, we have established a people-driven and inclusive culture that provides employees with a friendly and respectful atmosphere for growth and development. We are a team of more than 12,200 skilled employees across 40 countries, bound together by one common element: releasing the natural power of stone. Our success has always been built on strong teams, with passion for what we do and a commitment to ROCKWOOL’s purpose. Our track record of empowering our workforce and fostering ambitious thinking has created a sense of community throughout the organization. 

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Building our future on a strong foundation

Today, we are proud to be world leaders in our industry – a position we intend to keep. We continue to drive growth by investing in the development of our employees, which makes ROCKWOOL an organization of opportunity. Being a stable and well-organized company enables us to have a long-term perspective with our employees. Since we have been around for more than 80 years, we have extensive experience in our field, and we are focused on making a positive impact locally and globally.



Production at the Factory in Hedehusene late 1930.
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We are Greater Together



Striving relentlessly for success

It all starts with ambition. Without ambition to drive things forward nothing happens. We believe we become a more successful company by being ambitious and setting big goals for ourselves, individuals and our teams.



Being honest and trustworthy

We never compromise our integrity for business results.



Being the Rock – today and tomorrow

We don’t shy away from taking personal responsibility when facing challenges. Success is built in teams; remember to share the praise and to recognize individual and collective achievements.



Breaking constraints and maximizing output

We avoid extravagance and maximize the value of the resources available to you to get the biggest sustainable result. We define clear priority areas and direct resources accordingly. We identify what is most urgent and important for ROCKWOOL and take action on these issues first.

Working at ROCKWOOL