Testimonial - Belinda Lau

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"Greater Together means having one common goal and all colleagues working together to achieve it – taking the initiative to help each other where we can."

- Belinda Lau


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A culture made of skill and passion

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I am currently working with the Business Units on Sales Force Effectiveness and Sales Strategies through business intelligence. As each market is unique, insights from all areas are crucial to formulate and execute winning strategies.
Testimonial - Belinda Lau
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Photo is on careers testimonial page and employer branding
ROCKWOOL has a set of clearly defined values and ambitions to drive our growth. The priority is not just on profitability, but how to achieve it the right way – responsibly and with integrity. This to me is what differentiates ROCKWOOL from many other companies.

Belinda Lau

Market Analyst & Commercial Excellence Specialist
ROCKWOOL is a leader in the insulation market industry. As it is a very niche market in this part of the world, I enjoy learning about the business and how we are working on improving the world through higher standards of product offerings as well as increasing general awareness on insulation.
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