New heights of protection

Europe’s tallest freestanding structure uses stone wool to meet rigorous fire safety standards

Built in the 1960s, the 540-metre tall Ostankino tower broadcasts TV and radio from near to the centre of Moscow. It’s a popular tourist destination, featuring observation decks and an equipment museum. Since a recent renovation, Ostankino also offers visitors several new experiences including a “technical route” through the inside of the building, including the transmitter hall and the cables that give the tower stability.

The Ostankino tower has a complex interior, with wiring, water and sewerage pipes running through the structure. When a building this tall is filled with electrical equipment, fire safety is of paramount importance, not just to keep people safe but also to protect valuable assets. During the tower’s refurbishment, contractors used ROCKWOOL ALU1 WIRED MAT 80® for fire protection. As well as withstanding temperatures above 1,000°C, this versatile stone wool product includes a galvanized wire grid that helps stop systems and structures from collapsing in the event of a fire. It’s also light in weight, and coated with aluminium foil to provide additional fire protection – and a distinctive aesthetic.

ROCKWOOL stone wool is helping ensure this important landmark stands tall long into the future.

Moscow, Russia

Project location

Akademika Koroleva St, 15

Project Data

Year 2015
Building Type Radio tower
Application Insulation
Product type ALU1 WIRED MAT 80