Discrete fire protection

Fire protection was paramount for a large apartment building – but could it blend in?

Sluseholmen Karré K is an iconic apartment project with a unique location in the South Harbour of Copenhagen. The project comprises 168 apartments with associated balconies, gardens and roof terraces.

Due to the number of residents and the need for a high level of safety in every home, architect Gröning Arkitekter required technical insulation with high fire protection for the building’s ventilation ducts. Of secondary importance was the ability for the technical insulation to blend in with the aesthetics of the building.

ROCKWOOL Conlit Fire Boards were chosen for fire protection since they are made of non-flammable stone wool. This provides excellent fire protection so that families can feel safe inside the high building. The additional advantage of thermal and acoustic insulation means that residents benefit from a building that is energy efficient and quiet.

Gröning Arkitekter were impressed that the ROCKWOOL Group offered Conlit Black Alu tape, a groundbreaking black (rather than silver) technical insulation tape which finished the installation perfectly, camouflaging joints between the black insulation boards and creating a smooth, homogenous look.

With Conlit products throughout the ventilation ducts in Karré K, the challenges of both fire safety and design aesthetics were met, contributing to an efficient construction process, long-term safety and energy-saving benefits for the residents.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Project location

Sluseholmen Karré K

“The black colour of the new Conlit solution is an aesthetic advantage for the construction, as the fire insulation is camouflaged and does not attract the eye as much as traditional aluminum-coloured tape. Fire insulation is an important part of the safety and security of a building, and now the insulation can protect future residents in a discrete way.”

Allan Kasper

owner at contractors PM Teknisk Isolering

Project Data

Year 2017-2019
Building Type Apartments
Application Techinical Insulation
Product type Conlit Black