Safety first for a grand hotel

A historic building required ultimate safety and comfort

Raffles Europejski Warsaw, commonly known as Hotel Europejski, was originally opened in 1857. It is now one of the most distinctive buildings in Poland. After five years of top to bottom renovation, its 109,000m² of space including 106 hotel rooms, 3,000m² of luxurious retail space and 7,000m² of offices have been restored to their former glory.

For SUD Architects, the focus of this huge renovation was the future safety and comfort of guests throughout the building.

ROCKWOOL Superrock, Toprock Super and Rockfon were chosen as the perfect materials for insulating the roof and ceilings of this historic building. The main reason is they are made of stone wool, which can withstand temperatures above 1000oC. This prevents fire from spreading onto subsequent floors, increasing the time available for evacuating guests while also protecting the building.

Reducing noise was also fundamental to the renovation of such a large building in a city centre location. Stone wool provides perfect insulation against interior sounds and exterior traffic noise, which increases the comfort of guests and contributes to the overall feeling of luxury in the hotel.

Hotel Europejski will also benefit from energy savings for decades to come thanks to the inherent insulation properties of ROCKWOOL products, which retain their thermal properties for at least 60 years, and have excellent dimensional stability.

While the stone wool will go unnoticed by the many thousands of guests and employees at Hotel Europejski, its presence ensures that they will be protected from the risk of fire and can relax and work in a building that’s both peaceful and luxurious.

Warsaw, Poland

Project location

Europejski Hotel

“Conscientious investors who focus on high quality, resilience and security often reach for products from ROCKWOOL. These solutions are intended for all types of the construction industry – residential, public or industrial. Stone wool products retain their insulation properties for many years, they are resistant to changing weather conditions, and they guarantee the dimensional stability of the insulation.”

Łukasz Glapa

Director of Marketing at ROCKWOOL CEE

Project Data

Year 2013-2018
Building Type Hotel
Application General Building Insulation
Product type Superrock, Toprock, Rockfon