Driving safety and savings at Jaguar Land Rover

Cutting edge plant gets an A1 fire safe roof

Jaguar Land Rover is building a new manufacturing plant in Slovakia to launch a range of all-new aluminium cars. When completed, the £1 billion plant will have an annual capacity of 150,000 vehicles.

The plant construction already includes a range of environmental measures, such as water saving devices and heat recovery systems, to ensure sustainable and efficient operations. Jaguar Land Rover was therefore driven to find equally sustainable, energy efficient, and fire-safe insulation materials for its giant roof space.

The design team at contractors TAKENAKA EUROPE GmbH were impressed by the A1 non-combustible performance of Rockfall stone wool insulation, which resists temperatures above 1000°C and so prevents the spread of fire.

Rockfall also has excellent mechanical properties: its intertwined fibres of stone wool create strong, durable panels which will not expand or contract – an important factor for such a large structure.

The insulation is compatible with all types of pitched roof systems and increases the thermal and acoustic performance of any building, reducing energy bills and creating a comfortable environment which is cool in summer and warm in winter.

When fully operational, 2,800 workers in this cutting-edge plant will work in a safe, quiet and relaxed environment which has achieved BREEAM certification in recognition of its environmentally friendly and energy efficient design.

Nitra, Slovakia

Project location

Jaguar Land Rover


Project Data

Year 2018
Building Type Automobile Factory
Application Flat roof
Product type ROCKWOOL Stone Wool, Rockfall.