Vertical oasis

In this ultra-modern tower, stone wool helps create a haven of safety, calm and comfort at the heart of a bustling metropolis 

Intended as a “physical representation of Bangkok rising on the world stage”, at 314m MahaNakhon is this huge city’s tallest building and a powerful symbol of Thailand’s progress. Its name means “great metropolis” in Thai and with a hotel, apartments, green spaces, a shopping mall and offices, the tower – with its distinctive ‘pixelated’ design – is a modern city in the sky. And as with any city, MahaNakhon’s challenge is to create a space that combines comfort and safety for its inhabitants with minimum impact on the environment.

The architects, developers and occupants, including the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, which manages the hotel and apartments, were all focused on both sustainability and safety in this 77-storey construction project. MahaNakhon incorporates a range of features designed to reduce its environmental footprint, from energy-saving materials and systems to a landscaped area of greenery. ROCKWOOL stone wool is part of this sustainability story, used in the building’s curtain wall system to insulate against Bangkok’s ever-present heat, as well as helping muffle the noise of this busy city.

But in a tower of this scale, fire safety is of the highest importance. The noncombustibility of stone wool made it a natural choice for fire protection. In MahaNakhon, ROCKWOOL products are installed between the floors and in the walls, where they will help to compartmentalise any fire and slow its spread, giving people more time to get to safety should a fire happen.

With its contribution to sustainability, safety and comfort, ROCKWOOL stone wool is part of the unique, modern landscape of Bangkok’s future.

Bangkok, Thailand

Project location

Soi Sueksa Witthaya, Khwaeng Silom,
Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500,

Project Data

Year 2016
Building Type Commercial building
Application Façade insulation
Product type ROCKWOOL Insulation stone wool