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Stone wool helps ensure that offshore wind power is safely delivered to where it’s needed

Offshore wind farms in northern Europe have huge potential for generating renewable, low-carbon electricity. For example, just one operator, Germany’s TenneT, is investing up to €9 billion over the next 10 years to create 7 GW of connection capacity – enough to power 9 million households. It expects to be half way to this target by 2023.

One of the challenges for wind energy operators and utilities is how to bring the energy ashore. HVDC (high voltage direct current) technology is a more efficient way to transport the AC (alternating current) power generated by wind turbines. This means converting the current as close as possible to where it’s generated. When wind farms are far offshore, it makes sense for the converter station to be out at sea too.

HVDC DolWin2 is the world’s most powerful offshore converter, designed to connect the Nordsee One, Gode Wind I and Gode Wind II windfarms, which are 45-60km off the German coast. With capacity of 916MW, enough to power 1 million households, it will transfer clean power with minimal losses to an onshore converter that connects to the electricity grid.

Fire protection is of great importance in such a critical piece of infrastructure, especially when it’s out at sea and often difficult to reach because of challenging weather conditions. By slowing down the spread of fire, stone wool insulation buys time for workers to evacuate safely and for emergency services to arrive.

ROCKWOOL SeaRox A60® wired mats protect both people and equipment in HVDC DolWin2, as well as providing thermal and acoustic insulation – protecting assets worth millions of euros and helping to secure Europe’s renewable energy supply. ROCKWOOL wired mats protect assets worth millions of euros and help secure Europe’s renewable energy supply.

North Sea

Project location

North Sea

Project Data

Year 2015
Building Type Offshore converter platform
Application Fire safety insulation
Product type ROCKWOOL SeaRox A60