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Fire protection and safety are key priorities in France’s extraordinary new Ministry of Defence

The Hexagone Balard, the new Paris HQ for the French military, is a building of superlatives. 

It’s built over a sprawling 41-acre site, designed to accommodate over 9,000 personnel. . At its core is a hexagonal structure that reflects the shape of France.

Safety and security are integrated into the design of this massive, high-tech structure, which acts as the command-and- control centre for France’s army, navy and air force. Fire protection is bolstered by 16,000 m2 of 150mm ROCKFEU non-combustible insulation. Providing a superior fire rating, which can provide as much as two hours’ additional protection in the event of a fire in a large building, is crucial as it gives people time to evacuate a building. Over 50,000 m2 of ROCKFACADE insulated cladding offers even further protection, while enhancing the building’s appearance.

Stone wool insulation also contributes to another fundamental feature of the Hexagone Balard: energy efficiency. With its 4,000m2 solar roof, ground-source heat system and in particular the passive design features achieved through insulation and insulated cladding, the building has been designed to be almost self-sufficient in its use of natural resources, an extraordinary feat for a project on this scale.

Paris, France

Project location

1 Avenue de la Porte de Sèvres
75015 Paris

“The combination of ROCKFACADE and ROCKFEU met the high requirements by improving fire protection and durability in the building, while the environmental benefits of ROCKWOOL products also played a key role.”

Jean-Francois Dumand

Law Energy Design Department, ROCKWOOL France

Project Data

Year 2015
Building Type Governmental building,  Ministry of Defense
Application Inner Walls and Façade boards
Product type Rockfeu and Rockfacade