Energy Efficiency

Renovating buildings can help you save energy

Jan Simonsen
June 11, 2019

Wondering why and how to save energy? We have the solution.

House being renovated

Why should we be saving energy? 

Energy conservation not only helps you save money on bills, but it also helps you protect the environment. Consuming less power allows you to reduce harmful carbon emissions, conserve the earth’s natural resources, and avoid destroying precious ecosystems.

If you think cutting back might lead to not having enough energy to power your daily life, no worries! By practicing energy efficiency, you can do more as you consume less energy.

The secret lies in energy-efficient buildings. 

Did you know that 30 percent of the world’s energy use, along with 28 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions, can be attributed to buildings1? On the other hand, energy-efficient buildings in Europe could save 660 million tons of carbon dioxide, which is twice as much as France emits in a year2.

Insulating buildings with stone wool products offer the most cost-effective route to reducing carbon emissions. What’s more, for the same amount of money, buildings can save nearly  70 percent more emissions than the next most cost-effective sector, industry3.

Lowered energy consumption rates and carbon emissions, along with reduced energy costs, aren’t the only perks you can enjoy from energy-saving buildings. You will also be able to indulge in more comfortable living spaces. For example, insulated homes can provide better temperature maintenance, helping people thrive in more optimum indoor climates.

Facilitating energy efficiency through building renovation also has significant economic advantages. Namely, every €1 million invested in renovation can be expected to support approximately 19 jobs in the construction sector4.

Additionally, an impact assessment of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive shows that an increase in renovation rates by 1.0%-point to 1.6% for residential buildings, and 1.7% for nonresidential, would grow annual economic activity by €8-12 billion towards 20305

The wide array of benefits that energy efficiency provides can contribute to a healthier and happier world. The good news is that renovating buildings to be more energy efficient is a cost-effective way for you to increase your comfort while saving energy.


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