Gilles Maria

Gilles Maria is Senior Vice President and Head of Insulation for South West Europe and Asia. He joined ROCKWOOL in 1984 and the Group Management team in 2007.

Gilles Maria - Group Management


From the UK and France, across Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain and all the way east to Turkey and Asia, Gilles Maria oversees a very large and varied territory. Despite the differences and the diversity in his area, Gilles Maria sees that ROCKWOOL’s purpose makes a difference.

“Within these regions, our strategy is designed considering the maturity of each specific market. But the Group’s purpose still fits each region very well,” he says.

“In Europe, energy renovation is very high on our agenda – and this is complemented by the EU drive to reduce carbon emissions. By contrast, in Asia, focus is on urbanisation and making new buildings better. Although these topics are very different, both are solidly supported by our purpose – ‘release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living.’ Improving modern living in Europe is very much about enhancing our cities and renovating to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings to reduce emissions. From a ROCKWOOL perspective, it is all about proposing solutions that are easy to install and ensure performance overtime”.

Proud of the way we do business, proud of our purpose

“Our purpose, values, and the way we do business as a company is vital for me. I take great pride in our way of acting as a team and the quality of the things we do.

I like that we make the most of all opportunities – and that our entrepreneurial spirit results in us being a profitable group as well as one with a strong purpose. At ROCKWOOL, it is impossible to get bored as there are so many opportunities to explore and develop. I find this very motivating.”