Putting stone wool to the test

February 11, 2019

ROCKWOOL Group releases an entertaining and informative video series showcasing the unique characteristics of its stone wool products

Why stone wool? Stone is an incredibly versatile resource from which we create insulation that regulates temperature; growing substrates that help feed millions; water management systems that can help prevent urban flooding; acoustic panels that enhance sound; and aesthetically beautiful cladding that can also help prevent the spread of fire.

Today, our products contribute to enhancing modern living as well as equipping society with solutions to address the challenges the world is currently facing – challenges such as rapid urbanisation, climate change and resource scarcity. 

At ROCKWOOL, we believe the solutions to these modern challenges lie in one of the most ancient materials available – stone.  Thanks to the inherent characteristics of stone, we can create robust and sustainable products with unique properties from an abundant natural resource.

“7 Strengths of Stone: The Test Series”

Stone is an incredible natural resource because of its fire resilience, thermal properties, acoustic capabilities, robustness, aesthetics, water properties and its circularity. These are seven distinct characteristics – seven distinct strengths that we believe set our products apart from others in the market.

And to demonstrate these seven strengths that we’ve been harnessing for more than 80 years but with which others may be less familiar, we’ve created an entertaining and informative video series that we call, “7 Strengths of Stone: The Test Series”, featuring our very own employees in our very own Innovation Factory – as well as unexpected elements like flamethrowers, a loud rock band, an innocent goldfish and more. 

Showcasing the inherent properties of stone and the fun we have creating solutions to modern challenges with it, the “7 Strengths of Stone: The Test Series” videos are now available to watch.

We hope you enjoy them – and learn something new about ROCKWOOL’s innovative products and the people who make them.