Hearing every word at High School

Better acoustics improve the learning environment

Sammamish High School modernised its campus over four years, adding a new three-storey state-of-the-art educational facility and a new two-storey athletic building.

The goal was to create a high school for the future with spaces for collaboration, informal learning and socialising, as well as ensuring excellent acoustics across all areas including classrooms, the gym, common areas, music rooms and offices.

The school’s stakeholders focused on optimising acoustics to improve concentration and comfort for students by using Rockfon stone wool ceiling panels. The natural sound absorbing properties of stone wool give excellent noise reduction capabilities, as well as reducing reverberation which again improves speech intelligibility. This makes it easier for students to hear and understand their lessons, without teachers having to shout.

As well as providing the best sound absorption, Rockfon ceilings are non-combustible and resistant to mould, bacteria and humidity. Following installation, they have delivered excellent indoor air quality, comfort and safety for school children at Sammamish. The white surface of Rockfon also reflects up to 86% of available light which means a better distribution of natural light, lowering lighting requirements and increasing energy savings for the school.

Using Rockfon ceiling panels, the designers of Sammamish High School have created beautiful spaces that serve nearly 1,000 students and improve collaboration and learning through better acoustic performance. In addition, the use of stone wool – which is 100% recyclable – has helped the school meet the Washington State Sustainable Schools Protocol. 

Washington, USA

Project location

Sammamish High School

“Creating a good acoustic experience improves learning and understanding. Every student should have the same opportunity to hear and understand what is being said whether they are learning to weld in a noisy shop or reading Latin in the library.”

Gary Madaras

Rockfon acoustic specialist

Project Data

Year 2017
Building Type School
Application Stone Wool Ceiling Panels, Chicago Metallic Suspension
Product type Rockfon Alaska, Rockfon Solar, Chicago Metallic