On the right track to safety and noise reduction

Reducing noise pollution while protecting against fire are key priorities for this busy train station

Around 140 trains per hour and an estimated 90,000 passengers pass through Farringdon Station every day. It is also part of a massive new Crossrail infrastructure project, which will bring 1.5 million more people within a 45-minute commute of central London. 

Crossrail’s priority was to design a safe and comfortable space for commuters to pass through. Specifically, the company needed to minimise sound propagation alongside new platforms and through train tunnels to improve the commuting experience. For Farringdon Station, ROCKWOOL Rw3 insulation face slabs were chosen to meet the exceptionally strict acoustic standards of London Underground Limited (LUL). 

In addition, Rw3 achieves A1 fire classification in accordance with BS EN 13501 for non-combustibility. Being a semi-rigid product, Rw3 also made life easier for the contractors since it was easy to cut and friction-fit alongside platforms and in tunnels.

Modern life can be stressful and busy, especially for commuters using public transport. With the support of ROCKWOOL stone wool, Crossrail has created a more comfortable environment with reduced noise pollution from trains and pedestrian traffic.

Farringdon Station has been future-proofed in terms of fire safety, which is paramount in such a busy and confined public space. In addition, the chosen solution will serve the needs of the station and improve the daily commuting experience for many thousands of passengers, for years to come.

London, UK

Project location

Farringdon Station

“With a vast number of trains and people due to travel through this station, noise reduction was a major factor for this scheme. ROCKWOOL stone wool products were able to deliver a solution that not only helps in mitigating noise, but also provides optimum fire safety performance. This project has been built to comply with exceptionally strict fire and acoustic LUL standards that will serve the needs of Farringdon for many years.”

Simon Webber

Section Manager at BFK (BAM, Ferrovial and Kier joint constructors)

Project Data

Year 2018
Building Type Public Space
Application Pitched Roof Insulation
Product type ROCKWOOL RW3 White Tissue Slabs, SP60