Acoustics help teachers be heard

Acoustics and aesthetics improve the learning environment

Originally constructed in 1952, the 55,000 m² Salina Central High School required an updated facility to provide more space and modern features for its 1,000 students.

A key design requirement was improved acoustics: the school required better sound reduction so that students could clearly hear and understand their teachers.

The ceiling contributed greatly to this goal. The contractors, DLR Group, chose Rockfon Artic acoustic stone wool ceiling panels for a durable, low maintenance, high quality system. Rockfon was used throughout new expansion areas, for renovating existing spaces and provided a good Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC). 

Another key requirement was a 21st century, modern design. Rockfon was chosen because of its aesthetic properties, which gave a modern, smooth white finish. 

For a busy school environment, durability and low maintenance adds to the appeal of Rockfon, while safety is ensured since ROCKWOOL stone wool ceiling products meet Class A fire standards and withstand temperatures above 1000oC.

Students at Salina Central High School now concentrate on their studies in a pleasant indoor environment which benefits from excellent air quality thanks to the use of stone wool. And every word the teacher says is heard.

Kansas, USA

Project location

Salina Central High School

"Rockfon offered a clean, modern looking ceiling product with good NRC values at a good value. Budget is always a concern on education projects, and the Rockfon products allowed us to achieve the design aesthetic we wanted."

Ian Kilpatrick

Architect at DLR Group

Project Data

Year 2018
Building Type School
Application Rockfon Ceiling
Product type Rockfon Artic, Rockfon Islands, Rockfon Infinity, Rockfon Chicago Metallic