Quiet comfort for patients and staff

In a healthcare facility, good acoustics help protect privacy, improve communication between staff and patients and contribute to a faster recovery.

For its new location in Little Rock, Arkansas, Premier Gastroenterology Associates (PGA) wanted to create an environment where patients and staff felt at home – safe, comfortable and welcome.

One potential issue in the 9,300 m2 space was noise. “We’re a high-volume clinic that sees thousands of patients a month, so sound control is critical”, says William E. Greene III, CEO of PGA. Communication among doctors, nurses and patients is vital and good acoustics help protect privacy of those conversations, increase comprehension and limit disturbances to others nearby.

Local architect, WER, chose three different Rockfon ceiling products throughout the space to get the desired effect – and to enhance certain other key elements of the architectural design.

For example, white Rockfon acoustic tiles in halls and above workstations reflect 85 percent of the light coming in through the building’s floor-to ceiling windows and skylights, brightening rooms and spirits. In patient waiting areas, the maple wood linear ceiling creates a warm, inviting area – only the ceiling isn’t wood at all, but part of Rockfon’s metal ceiling offering, which is more durable and easier to maintain than real wood.

Finally, Rockfon’s specially treated medical and hygienic ceiling tiles in the procedure and consultation rooms help maintain a high-level of cleanliness, safety and patient privacy. These stone wool tiles are easy to clean and don’t absorb moisture, so they won’t mildew, mould or deteriorate.

Premier Medical Plaza

Project location

Premier Medical Plaza
Little Rock

“We chose three Rockfon products, each one serving a specific purpose. Together they really helped us get the design and aesthetics that we needed for the client”.

Lauren Dickey

Director of Interiors for WER

Project Data

Year 2020
Building Type Commercial health facility
Application Acoustic ceiling tiles and grids
Product type Rockfon Artic, Rockfon Medical Plus, Rockfon Planar Macro and Planar Macroplus Linear Cielings, Chicago Metallic 1200 15/16”