A cinematic sound experience

Better acoustics improve the cinematic experience at this new complex

Acoustics are of utmost importance for a great cinematic experience, so when a new 16-screen cinema was built in the 1.3 million square feet Paradigm Mall, the architect required excellent acoustic performance from the cinema partitions, plus good thermal insulation for the roof.

ROCKWOOL Safe’n’Silent boards were chosen because they are made from natural stone wool which has a dense, non-directional fibre structure which traps sound waves and dampens vibration. Used for partitioning at Golden Screen Cinemas, the boards keep sound inside each movie theatre and prevent exterior mall noise from filtering in. This improves the clarity of movie soundtracks and provides a more immersive experience for movie-goers.

As well as improving the acoustic performance, Thermalrock insulation was also used for the roofing to help this large cinema complex to save energy costs due to stone wool’s thermal performance. Since the insulation boards also ‘breathe’ they contribute to better air quality and improved indoor comfort, which makes the cinema more attractive to customers.

Additional advantages for Golden Screen Cinemas are that ROCKWOOL products are easy to install, highly resistant to fire and therefore safe for customers, as well as durable so they will perform consistently for the cinema’s lifetime.

Golden Screen Cinemas has created an attractive new entertainment venue with excellent acoustic performance – without the complexity of adding additional layers of acoustic material. Now 2,000 people at a time can enjoy the latest cinematic technology and sound experiences in total comfort.

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Project location

Paradigm Mall
Johor Bahru

“Our success in securing one of Malaysia’s largest mall projects is a testament of the strong ROCKWOOL brand and close support extended to the clients and architects throughout the whole tendering process.”

Agnez Cheong

National Sales Manager, ROCKWOOL Malaysia

Project Data

Year 2017
Building Type Shopping Mall
Application Roof and Partition Insulation
Product type Thermalrock Slab, Safe 'n' Slient Pro 370