Hard Rock Heals

Reducing noise for a hospital music room

La Paz University Hospital is the largest hospital in Madrid, with more than 1,300 beds and 7,000 employees working in four hospitals. A special addition has been made to the children’s hospital – a music space complete with instruments, a recording and rehearsal area, and a small stage where young patients can play music and recover.

Called The Hard Rock Café Music Room, the project was funded by the Hard Rock Heals Foundation, the ROCKWOOL Group and others to support music therapy for paediatric patients.

Rockfon acoustic ceiling tiles were donated to create an authentic music studio appearance and function. Using the natural sound absorbing properties of stone wool gives the new music room excellent noise reduction capabilities, as well as reducing reverberation. This was key to the project’s success since the facility is within the hospital itself and is now equipped with several guitars, a keyboard and drums.

The white surface of Rockfon reflects up to 86% of available light which means young patients enjoy a room full of natural light, and the hospital benefits from reduced lighting and energy costs. Rockfon panels are also non-combustible and resist mould and bacteria to ensure cleaner, healthier indoor air – another valuable benefit for a hospital environment.

The Music Room will help La Paz to continue its research into the therapeutic benefits of music, and promote more varied emotional interaction between children, their families and staff. The ROCKWOOL Group is very proud to have helped Hard Rock Heals in this ground-breaking acoustic project that will treat hundreds of patients per year with music therapy.

Madrid, Spain

Project location

La Paz University Hospital

“We always look for opportunities to help the communities where we operate and this is an ideal project. Rockfon’s products are used widely in healthcare facilities for their sound absorption, hygienic and light reflecting qualities, so the music room is a perfect fit”

Mirella Vitale

Senior Vice President at ROCKWOOL Group