Creating peaceful sleepers in Stockholm

Using the acoustic properties of stone, our insulation helps protect homes above the Stockholm metro from noise and vibration. 

Everyone wants to be able to travel easily around the cities they live in. But as populations grow, the desire for easy urban mobility can come into conflict with the need for a peaceful and stress-free life. Motorised vehicles and mass transit systems cause noise and vibration that affects people and the buildings they live in.

In cities looking to protect historic buildings as well as improve residents’ quality of life, it is especially important to manage the impact of urban transport. The Stockholm metro uses Rockdelta® stone wool products to enable trains to operate beneath the city without generating any noise or vibrations in the buildings above the tunnel.

As well as insulating against sound, stone wool absorbs and dampens ground-borne vibration from the train tracks, reducing the impact on surrounding structures as trains pass. And because it is exceptionally durable even in extreme conditions, it provides a lasting solution for transport infrastructure that has a long service life.

For Stockholm, this means a more peaceful life for residents, and a longer life for buildings and other structures that are now better protected from fatigue caused by vibrations.

Stockholm, Sweden

Project location


Project Data

Year 2016
Building Type Subway system
Application Noise & Vibration Insulation
Product type Rockdelta